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    Perm Strategic Masterplan 
   The goal of the Perm Strategic Masterplan (PSM) is to create a strategic framework and to establish the foundation for profound and lasting change in Perm. It is to inspire and initiate ongoing transformation and repairs of this historic city.
   For nearly a decade now Perm has continued to prosper economically, increasing and diversifying its influence locally and nationally. While this success is to be celebrated, it has also highlighted isolated and secluded distribution of growth and renewal within various pockets of the city. If not addressed this could lead to greater and more obvious spatial and social segregation and the future health of Perm may be in jeopardy.
   The aim of the PSM is to deliver a world-class model of urban restructuring and guidance which combines best design, technology, environmental and socio-economic development, while satisfying the urgent requirements vital to the dignity, integrity and aspirations of the people of Perm. Key to success is to transform Perm into a city of thriving, diverse communities and source of local, regional and national pride.  The delivery will be a new structure and contemporary urban framework that is flexible enough to adapt to future challenges but one that is rooted and responds to the local context and city tradition. The ambition to deliver this exemplary strategic urban framework has required a thorough appraisal and analysis of the local and regional context of Perm. In developing the PSM the intention has always been to avoid a predetermined vision, and instead to create one from an inspired response to the existing and future context....

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